All Fake Urine is Not the Same!!

Welcome to Synthetic Urine Reviews

We are a different kind of store, and a different kind of editing staff. We have done the research, and we have made the decision to do something you probably won’t find anywhere else…we will tell you the good and the bad. We will tell you what we think about the synthetic urine kits found here and about those that we have chosen not to sell. After that, its up to you. We know this is an important decision. So we will try to be as clear as we can as we compare and contrast each product.

Blogs are filled with questions like: Does synthetic urine work? Which fake pee is best? Is synthetic pee better than powdered urine? If you are here, you already know you are looking for a synthetic urine kit of some kind. Virtually no one uses powdered urine anymore. The next question is, do you want your fake pee in a belt kit, like Doc Green’s Field Kit or will a simple bottle kit do, like the industry leader Quick Fix? On our products page you will find both. Click “Details” to find or review of each synthetic urine kit. First and foremost we rate the quality and consistency from batch to batch of the synthetic urine formula itself. Then, we drill further down to important differences between the other included items…like how well the heat pad works, is the heat pad adhesive or is it the rubber band method…if it’s a belt kit, is it made in china…what kind of vinyl are they using…how comfortable and visible is the belt…how well are the instructions laid out.

We then go out and get real world feedback from smoke shop owners. This information is vital, as it comes from literally tens of thousands of uses, and the positive and negative feedback they get from their customers. It must be said that, for a product to be included in our offering, it has met with our approval on may levels. For a list of products that we have chosen not to endorse, see the “Not Recommended” article on our blog page. Having said that, the products we support each have different strengths that are suited for different situations. So read carefully and consider which is right for you. It also must be said that all of these reviews and opinions are for products that are to be used exclusively as novelties, often sexual in nature, by consenting adults. We feel they should in no way be used inappropriately, unethically, or for any illegal activity.