“Not Recommended”

Not Recommended Synthetic Urine Products

We are constantly testing not only the top selling brands in this market space, but smaller and newly released products as well. Our tests are thorough, and we try to keep our criticism honest, even to the point of not recommending a product. We routinely test each formula for creatinine levels, pH, specific gravity, color, preservatives, trace amounts of bleach and contaminants. Then we inspect the rest of the items in each kit, the bottle, cap(s), bladder, belt, elasticity, heat pad, instructions, and overall packaging. Those that meet our acceptable level we endorse and sell. Those that don’t, end up on this list. Keep checking back as we are constantly working to update and improve our product offering.


The Staff at Synthetic-Urine.Net



Dr John’s Famous Pee Pee

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine


Clean Machine


Deluxe Transporter

Executive Ultra Realistic Kit

Test Clear

Urea clean

Tinkle Synthetic Urine

Clear Choice Incognito