Synthetic Urine Belt Kits

The synthetic urine belt kit is the stealth version of the bottle kit. It is designed to remain hidden under your clothes with the flexible tube extending through your zipper. All models of synthetic pee belt kits come with the same basic elements, a heat pad to keep the fake urine at the correct temperature, a temperature strip, and an adjustable, usually velcro belt. Just like in our synthetic urine bottle kits, we only review and carry brand with reputable formulas. Additionally we test each synthetic pee formula ourselves and provide you with detailed reviews in the following product pages. We also test and comment on other aspects of each belt kit. You will find detailed info covering the performance of the heat pads, the instructions, and the durability of the bladder containing the synthetic urine. We also do a thorough job of communicating with many store owners across the country, whom we ask many questions about what they hear about each of these synthetic urine belt kits. This feedback is very valuable because it is the result of tens of thousands of belt kits being used by actual customers in real life situations. We are constantly on the lookout for new synthetic urine belt kits that enter the marketplace, and when we find one that meets our standards, we will review it and offer it to you on this site.

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