Synthetic Urine Bottle Kits

The synthetic urine bottle kit is where it all started. Before the synthetic urine belt kits came along, all the bottle kits were pretty much the same, a thin flask shaped plastic bottle with a flip nozzle cap, a temperature strip to check the temperature of the fake pee, a heat pad to keep the synthetic pee warm, and a rubber band to hold the heat pad to the bottle of fake urine. In the evolution of the synthetic urine bottle kit, some manufacturers started using heat pads with an adhesive side doing away with the rubber band. This method has mush better heat transfer and heat regulation to the bottle wall. With the companies that make both synthetic urine bottle kits and belt kits, the synthetic pee formula is always the same whether you buy their bottle kit or belt kit, you just need to decide which application you need. The belt kits are obviously more stealth but they cost more. On this page we compare and contrast all of the relevant synthetic urine bottle kits available today. If you are still asking the question, “Does Synthetic Urine Work?” read on and give one of these a try. We only sell synthetic urine formulas that we have fully tested for a number of factors; and if its a synthetic pee belt kit that you need for a more stealth application, check out the top brands that we review on the next page, under Belt Kits.

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