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Clean Stream Synthetic Urine by Magnum

This site’s only 2 use kit! From the notorious makers of the famous line of detox products, Magnum keeps up the good work with their 5 oz synthetic urine belt kit, Clean Stream. It contains the same formula as their Magnum Novelty Synthetic Urine, and it is a formula that has been trusted for more than a decade. Like all of the belt kits we endorse, they haven’t left anything out. The vinyl bladder is good quality, and we haven’t ever heard of it leaking, something quite common with lower end brands like Urinator and Clean Machine. In our tests the heat pad lasted more than 8 hours, and the elastic material in belt accommodated a wide range of sized waists. The temperature strip is easy to read and remained accurate after dozens of heating and cooling test cycles. The instructions are clear and concise. Like all of the best synthetic pee kits, Clean Stream recommends microwaving for 10 seconds to bring the formula up to temperature before attaching the heat pad. This does not damage the temperature strip, although depending on the strength of your microwave, the formula may temporarily be too hot to register on the temp strip. This is not a problem, just wait a few seconds, and as it cools, you will soon see the color register on the temp strip. Clean Stream uses 2 high quality medical clamps to secure and control the flow through the tube. ┬áThe store owners that we poll give fairly consistent positive reviews of Clean Stream’s synthetic urine kit, and it is roundly liked by a legion of end users. Although we can’t say that it has some of the innovations found in products like S5’s, Clean Stream is a product that has been working just fine for many years, and its many fans would easily say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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