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Dr. Green BC Entities Field Kit

The BC Entities Field Kit, made by Dr. Green is one of the industry’s most trusted brands, and has been around for a long, long time. The formula is very consistent from batch to batch and while no product is 100% effective we have never heard of an instance where a Field Kit has failed. This cannot be said of many other brands. Now lets get down to specifics.  The Dr. Green Field Kit comes with 3oz of synthetic pre-mixed urine so all you need to do is heat & use. The fluid is  “Hay” colored and never varies with different batches so the look is real.  We keep one of each of the products on this site for long periods of time to see how long shelve lives are. We have had a Field Kit in the office for just over 1 year (we routinely review the synthetic urine for color fade, blooming, ph Shift, etc) and so far the color hasn’t shifted. The pH remains in the “Normal” range as well so clearly this product hasn’t deteriorated in the time we have had it.  Specific Gravity and Creatinine levels are always dead on when we check them. The heating element is a Heat Factory product and provides up to 10 hours of warming time (even though the Field Kit box says 8 hours). Heat Factory is a trusted leader in the industry (they are well know for the hand warming heat pads you see at ski shops). The temperature strip is easy to read and has a temperature range from 90-106 degrees and is securely affixed to the vinyl bladder. The instructions recommend you wear the Field Kit at least one hour prior to use. The hose length is approximately 24 inches long and has two “Quick Clamps” (similar to the other ones on the market) and a plug at the very end of the tube to prevent fake pee leakage in the event the clamps come undone. The belt itself uses a pouch (Sewn onto the elastic belt) to hold the heating element.  It’s a secure fit and there is no worry that the element will fall out during use.  The belt is quite comfortable and expands to accommodate virtually any waistline. The Field Kit uses a Velcro tab for secure closure and unlimited size adjustment for varying waistlines.  Pricing is competitive and with the Dr. Green Field Kit you get what you pay for. A Top-Notch product.

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