Synthetix 5 Synthetic Urine Belt Kit

Synthetix 5 Belt Kit


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Synthetix 5 Synthetic Urine Belt Kit

The long anticipated belt kit from Synthetix 5 is finally here. For years we have been using the trusted Synthetix 5 Bottle Kit which has become the standard in the marketplace not only for its highly regarded formula, but for the innovations this company has brought to the field. See our review of the original Synthetix 5 Bottle Kit. Now their Belt Kit seems to be taking the country by storm. The pace of their sales and the response by shop owners and by users has been quite impressive. This company takes their time to release a product, but when they do, it is clearly the result of a tremendous amount of research. They also seem to really listen feedback from users. The vinyl bladder is made here in the US. It is so well built, that the biggest guy on our staff can stand on it with all his weight without it rupturing, and this dude is not small. While some companies like Clean Machine provide only the bladder, S5’s has integrated a very comfortable belt that can accommodate all sizes. Synthetix 5 has been nailing the formula for years, with no apparent disparity from batch to batch. Always accurately balanced pH, correct specific gravity and precisely the right amount of creatinine hydrochloride. The temperature strip is medical grade and easy to read. The heat pad lasted more than 8 hours in our tests which is more than adequate. The innovative belt design, with the bladder up against the skin, provides more constant temperature regulation compared with belts that have the bladder in a cloth pocket. The synthetic pee has no chance of leaking because Synthetix 5 uses two medical grade clamps, and they have added a plug at the end of the tube that keeps any contaminates from getting in during shipping or use. This is a step that almost no other companies take. Very clear instructions are laid out on the back of the box. For you store owners, this means that customers don’t need to open the box to read the little instruction sheet and possibly not put it back. These thoughtful touches are what have made the Synthetix 5 Belt Kit the staff favorite here and we can confidently recommend it to store owners and individual users alike. They also continue to keep their prices a few bucks below the rest of the market, which has also contributed to their command of such a large part of the market.

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