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Magnum 2oz


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Magnum 2oz Novelty Synthetic Urine

Magnum is a company that does two things very well, detox and synthetic urine. Their line of detox products is used every day by tens of thousands of people, and likewise many put their trust in Magnum for their synthetic urine needs. We have been testing their formula for years, and can honestly say that, batch after batch, it continues to perform at the highest level. We routinely test each synthetic urine formula that we endorse for a number of things, including creatinine levels, pH, specific gravity, color, and other important compounds. Magnum 2oz Novelty Synthetic Urine never has creatinine inconsistency problems like we have seen with Clear Choice, nor has their pH run into the fluctuation problems we have seen with Dr John’s Famous Pee Pee. This synthetic urine kit contains the basic elements that you will need. The bottle is slim and fits comfortably in a pocket. One of the girls on our staff prefers Magnum because of how neatly the little bottle fits in her purse. The temperature strip is medical grade and easy to read. We also routinely check the efficacy of the heaters in all of these top brands, and the heat pad used by Magnum lasted 9 hours in our tests, which is longer than most. The kit comes with instructions that are fairly well laid out. All in all this is a solid performer in this market space. In our regular poll of store owners, the feedback we get is impressive as well. Store owners often say that this is one of their brands that they just don’t have to think about, or worry about. It sells well, and performs well, because their customers come back in with positive feedback, time and time again.



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