Synthetix 5 Synthetic Urine Bottle Kit

Synthetix 5 Bottle Kit


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Synthetix 5 Synthetic Urine Bottle Kit

Our editing staff favorite, the Synthetix 5 Bottle Kit, has just the right amount synthetic urine (3.5 oz) and best of all a self-adhesive heating element that lasts up to 12 hours. No rubber bands, no chance of heat pad sliding off of the bottle while in your pocket, purse, etc.  Like the others it comes with two caps One for transporting, and a flip top for fluid dispersement. The color, ph, Specific Gravity, and Creatinine levels are always consistent form batch to batch. The makers of the Synthetix5 Bottle Kit “Double Filter” their product to prevent it ever getting clouded and we have never heard of the product getting foggy (due to bacteria blooming). The instructions are printed on the exterior of the box and are easy to follow. Just like Agent X, Magnum, and QuickFix you have a choice of instant heating (by microwaving for up to 10 seconds) or simply attach self adhesive heater and the bottle will heat up to ideal temperature in 1 hour. The guys at Synthetix5 recommend a temperature of approx 98 degrees at time of use.


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